Today there are many advances in healthcare, one of the main reasons are the improvements in technology. Now the world is moving towards wearable tech that will monitor our human vitals in real time.


Digital healthcare, previously known as telemedicine, uses technology to provide wellness solutions to empower patients. Specifically to use information technology to help health problems in patients.


There have been many improvements in terms of caring for ageing using digital healthcare. Using wearable technologies have helped to monitor and identify ailments in advance, without even a Doctor being present.


In terms of specific advancements, there are many devices to monitor cardiovascular statuses such as checking for ECG, HR and HVR. In addition other devices to measure movements, joints, blood pressure, pulse rate and many more.


Other inventions such as wearable tech which allows a safe zone and shoes which helps people find home have helped patients with Alzheimer’s to be more independent and safe.


The most important thing about digital healthcare is all these data which are collected through various sources are stored in one single place and can be retrieved in a fraction of time which would indeed come in handy when diagnosing an illness.



In addition for critical patients, the Doctor or the machines itself can keep an eye out of the patients and alert the relevant authorities when an anomaly is detected. Which means any preventative measure can be taken before the patient gets critical.

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