I have come across many cases of Dementia, but in many cases these patients are being neglected or not taken care with necessary attention. One of the main threats and a very common occurrence is malnutrition among patients with dementia. This is a very concerning situation mainly because it can be easily avoided by managing the patients effectively.


In general, maintaining good health is vital, especially for people with dementia. This will ensure independence and well-being of people who are suffering from dementia, but unfortunately due to the symptoms of dementia, maintaining a healthy nutritional diet plan and maintaining weight can be a challenge. Among these patients, difficulty in drinking and eating are more noticeable and get worse as it progresses. Which directly results in ill health and weight loss.

Most of the time, malnutrition and weight loss are due to very simple facts such as the patient’s inability to communicate about their food preferences, lack of awareness about patients eating habits and specific nutritional needs, religious preferences and factors such as poor food presentation. Finally, all these factors will contribute to worsening the situation among patients with dementia.


In developing countries, it is vital that local healthcare professionals, especially caregivers to understand the importance of proper nutrition and hydration among patients with dementia. Unfortunately, the support system and understanding of the condition of many important areas are overlooked.


Since there  are limited contribution by the government, most of the important information is not passed down to the actual caretakers to ensure good health among their patients. Adding to that, lack of knowledge among the general public on understanding what personal who are suffering from dementia are going through makes the caregiving process more complicated.


Many conditions are made worse by the lack of knowledge to identify early signs of dementia by family members also makes the situation worse. Since dementia is vital to ensure, a complete care plan for people who are suffering with dementia is essential.

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