Spend 15 minutes during the day, which will have the greatest impact on your child.


The first 5 minutes

After they wake up.

Always start the day with a smile and greet them.


The second 5 minutes

After they come home from school.

Greet your child with a smile, ask what their favorite activity was and show interest on them.


The third 5 minutes

Before they go to bed.

Have a quiet time routine.

Read a story, sing a lullaby, tell them that you love them.


Children need positive touches and connection during the day to feel safe and connected to parents.

It can be as simple as straightening of a collar, holding hands, sitting together and watching TV. Or best is a simple hug.


Every day, children need a meaningful eye-to-eye conversation with their parents.

Children of all ages need parents to slow down and look at them in their eyes.

They love to sit together and have a small conversation.


Above all are few simple tips to be a great parent!


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