Ask your self – have I met with my child’s needs?
Ask your self – what are his/her physical needs?
Ask your self – what are his/her psychological needs?
Ask your self – how and what can I do to improve the intellectual need of my child?

Have I listened to my child patiently?
Have I been positive to what I said?
How often do I start a conversation with my child?
Was I able to understand my child’s feelings?
Do I have patients with my child?
Do I challenge his/her feelings or go with his/her feelings?
How do I start a conversation with my child?
Do I handle myself in the right manner, when responding to my child?



If punishment is to be used, it should be used sparingly and only in conjunction with a positive reinforcement of same alternative response.

Punishment can cause emotional disturbance
Punishment should be administered correctly
Parents should not rely on punishment as a behaviour modification
Over use of punishment, children feel they are always wrong
Punishing a student does not mean he/she stops engaging in that behaviour
Negative reinforcement should be used with great caution

Happiness is not a material satisfaction
Let your child feel your heart beat for him/her
Then one day his/her heart will beat for you

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