Things to look out for yourself when you’re finding everyday life hard.


You might be feeling tired more often, be feeling emotional and you might not want to do the things that you usually enjoy right now.


Struggling to cope up with everyday life doesn’t look or feel the same in everyone. We can’t generalize about how it will make you feel or act.


Signs to look out for:
– Lacking energy or feeling tired.
– Feeling exhausted all the time.
– Finding it hard to think clearly.
– Finding it hard to concentrate.
– Feeling restless and agitated.
– Feeling tearful, wanting to cry all the time.
– Not wanting to talk to or be with people.
– Not wanting to do things you usually enjoyed.
– Using alcohol or drugs to cope with feelings.
– Finding it hard to cope with everyday things and tasks
– Experiencing ‘burnout’.


If you feel the symptoms are like you, or some one you know, then will have to get in touch for a psychological counseling session.

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