Everybody needs help sometimes to see their way through difficulties, to help clarify their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours or to find out what’s keeping them stuck and what they can do about it

Having built trust and understanding will offer reflections and interpretations of issues that arise. Will guide you through difficult or problematic times, during the process your self- understanding will increase and you can explore solutions. The recognition of your potentials and self-confidence will increase and you can explore solutions where healing will take place.


Confidential and personalize psychological counseling services

On my therapeutic approach, I address common developmental issues as well as observe and diagnose problems related to wide range of emotional, mental and behavioural disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, anger or addiction. I help my patients to recognize their own issues and I guide them to find their own solutions. I enable them to over come childhood-based problems as well as the effect of burdens they may have picked up over the course of life.

My guidance is given to them to gain a better understanding of themselves and help them to acquire healthier skills, so that they can be where they endeavor to be in their lives.

I help individuals to raise from their difficulties and grow positively to reach their success-goals and fulfill their ultimate purpose of life. I believe Counseling, Psychotherapy, Making awareness of mental health and Social skills development are the effective methods to use.

Everyone is unique, with their own personal view of the world, their own responses to different life events and their own reasons.