Counselling can only be effective if patients develop a trust and establish a good therapeutic relationship.

This will require an understanding of each others powers and limitations.



It is  a therapeutic process based on psychological approaches where a trained professional facilitates individuals to gain insights and deal with difficult situations ensuring their personal growth and wellbeing.

There is a misconception, ‘counseling is for people who are mentally ill’.No, Counseling is not only for mentally ill people. There are times that any one of us may need some extra support to handle and go through difficult situations in our lives.


Counselling is a professional service, which is strictly guided by “Counseling Ethics”

What are the benefits of obtaining Psychological Counseling?

Gain insights into difficult situations and realize the best alternatives to deal with such situations.
Identifying self-actualization goals and focusing on fulfilling them to achieve your own purposes of life and reach new heights.
Personal growth through gaining improved emotional control, developing coping skills, time management skills, stress management skills and relaxation techniques for psychological wellbeing.
It improves interpersonal relationships and recognize any unclear problems.


Given below are the two most important practices of a Professional

  • Counsellor Confidentiality

A Counselor will not under any circumstance divulge any details discussed with his/her client to a third party unless there is a life-threat to the client or another person/s.

  • Unconditional Positive Regard

This is the most important thing that a person needs to feel comfortable to open up and talk about their situations or problems. A professional Counselor would approach his/her client with genuine respect without any judgments towards the individual.