Stress Counseling

Is Stress Causing You Problems?

As humans, we actually thrive on a balanced amount of stress. It generates a chemistry in our body which motivates us to manage challenges and work towards our goals.

However, when stress exceeds healthy levels, it can seriously undermine our happiness and wellbeing. Too much stress, can cause problems at work, relationships and even lead to physical illness.


What Causes Stress?

Many of life’s demands can generate stress, such as work, relationships or it can be financial issues. At the same time, one off events such as a death or ending a relationship can cause a sudden rush of stress. Stress causes your body to release a surge of hormones, often referred to as the “fight or flight” response. This chemistry is designed to enable us to deal with pressure or threats. Once the event has passed the hormone levels usually return to normal. However, if you are dealing with constant stress, these hormones remain in your body and lead to symptoms of stress.

Common Signs of Stress:

– Loss of appitite

– Sleep problems

– Excessive Worry

– Irritability

– Difficultly in concentrating / focusing

– Sweating

– Anxiety

– Heart burn

– Headaches

– Muscle tension

Successful stress management requires knowing how to control the stress factors, in your life. 


How Does Stress Counselling Work?

Whilst stress cannot be removed from our lives completely, it is possible to learn step by step techniques that minimize the impact of stress in our day to day life, and to develop essentials skills, to prevent excessive stress recurring in the future. 

Stress Counseling is for: 

– Work pressures

– Difficulty in coping

– Relationship problems

– Illness – Physical problems

– Anxiety / Panic Attacks

– Angry outbursts

– Family worries

– Bereavement or loss

– Abusing alcohol or drugs to cope

– loneliness / withdrawal


A powerful combination of CBT and counselling techniques will help you to:

– Discover how to replace uncomfortable physiological symptoms of stress with ease, confidence and control.

– Understand the really important factors that cause stress to exceed comfortable levels and what can be done to stop happening in future.

– Learn why, in particular situations, where others appear calm and you feel stressed. What steps can be taken to change this.

– Learn how to prevent stressful situations from escalating or recurring in future.

– Discover how to create balance in life, which will reduce stress and create more happiness and contentment.

– Discover simple strategies which can be used to tackle stressed situations and be calm and in control.